RAF Chilmark – A Hidden Nuclear History

As part of a media module within my history degree I created a mini-documentary. For this video production I acted as the editor, which involved compiling stock footage, dealing with the b-roll that my cameraman shot and cutting and reframing the interviews. 

The London Craft Distilling Expo 2018
I attended the London Craft Distilling Expo which takes place annually in a Brick Lane venue in London. The client tasked me with producing a promotional video for the event which they could use for their website. I effectively worked on my own on this project; filming, interviewing, and then editing the video in order to meet my client’s requirements. 

The London Craft Distilling Expo 2019
After producing the promotional video for 2018, I was invited back again by the client in order to produce not only a promotional piece, but also other videos for other aspects of the expo. Like the previous year, I worked alone to meet the requirements set out in the brief. This particular project allowed me to improve upon my previous video, attempting different camera techniques as well as advanced editing skills that overall improved the quality of the video.


The London Craft Distilling Expo Workshops 2019
As previously mentioned, along with the general promotional video for the London Craft Distilling Expo, I was also tasked with creating a promotional for the workshops that take place earlier in the week. The brief for this video was broader and therefore allowed a larger scope, considering these workshops were smaller in comparison to the days at the expo, the video reflected this; a shorter length, no interviews but text at the beginning and end to clarify what took place at these workshops.